Apple's App for iPhone

iPhone app is an application, usually developed by a company other than Apple, and specifically designed for use on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Apps work as user-installed software on a computer and allow the phone to perform certain tasks that the user wants or needs. Users sometimes pay a small fee to use an application that is downloaded directly to the phone. Apps can help make the iPhone and other smartphone devices must have for many people who want quick access to information.
iphone app iphone app
There are hundreds of thousands of applications available, ranging from maps and entertainment guides for business and money management. Many companies have developed iPhone apps for marketing purposes, such as grill manufacturer that provides recipes and grilling techniques, or a musician who creates games that tie in with their latest album. Magazines, newspapers, and websites also have their own product in the App Store that allows their content to be accessed easily on the phone. The game is very popular; app "Angry Birds", which started as an iPhone app in 2009, was so popular that it was adapted for other mobile platforms and has been downloaded at least 250 million times in mid-2011.

IPhone apps must be downloaded directly from the Apple iTunes store. Most are relatively inexpensive, and many are free. Other smart phones also have their own proprietary applications, so it is very important that the phone owner the right to download the phone.

iPhone, more like a Digital Camera?

When first saw the iPhone, people would think this gadget is not a cell phone. There is no keypad. No protruding objects typically found in mobile phones. Everything is trimmed flat. All seem neat, Elegant, Minimalist. There are no corners. Impressed iPhone is almost similar to a digital camera.
Steve Jobs, the creator of the iPhone, trying to present a new mobile phone. Not innovation, but rather creations. Not a follower, but a breakthrough or a breakthrough. Anything that is found in conventional cell phone is removed. In fact, the keyboard removed. Existing virtual or known by the touchscreen, Fingers do not have to press a button when sending a command. Simply touch, to save energy. Perhaps this is what Steve Jobs had in mind when creating the iPhone.

iPhone has several functions like cell phones in general. SMS, phone, media player, camera, voice mail, and so on. The function of a conventional cell phone is still maintained. Not removed. However, the iPhone has another advantage. The internet connection was a major weapon embedded in this phone so that users can perform a variety of activities in cyberspace. For example, mail, browsing, and downloading.

Advantages of the New Generation iPhone

the latest generation iPhone has been present in October 2010. With all its advantages, the iPhone is rumored to have a lot of deficiencies, in particular, the antenna signal and display. However, the news did not dampen the enthusiasm of fans to come to the iPhone outlets, when the product was launched.
One advantage of the iPhone 4 is the Facetime feature. This feature is similar to a video call. If on the PC, we know the webcam. You could say this is the video call feature a la iPhone with all the advantages of technology and the speed of data that can be conducted with an internet connection.

One of the advantages is the availability of the iPhone application very much and very diverse. More than 100 thousands of applications available in the Apps Store that is ready to be downloaded for free or purchased. Various applications are freely available, Provided that the capacity does not exceed 100 MB.
iPhone runs OS (Operating System) Mac OS. The operating system version is very light, Unlike the Mac computers in general. Many components are eliminated because it is not required. IPhone users can update the operating system on a regular basis through iTunes for free.